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A new family member!

Well, it's not a human. It's another pet! I finally received what I ordered 5 weeks ago. Can you guess the correct animal? The animal is...

A Chile Rose Tarantula! I named it appropriately as well. As I'm a huge fan of pokemon, the most obvious choice had to be either "Spinarak" or "Ariados". I wanted to go for both, depending on size but it was a tad too big to be named Spinarak, so Ariados it was.

I'm also possibly getting two rats soon, which means there'll be even more members to the family. As is, I have a dog, an aquarium and a terrarium where Ariados is resident.

But enough of this, I guess you want to see Ariados yourselves?? Well, here's two images!

Ariados terrarium

Ariados, closeup

Right now, I have no clue whether it's a male of a female, but hopefully I'll figure out soon. A male can become 4 years old, while a female may become up to 20 years old. What's so practical with them, is that they demand very little. They can go upto 6 months without food, as long as they have water and a moist habitat. Note that tarantulas, or rather, all spiders in general can never be tamed. They will always be "wild", and may bite you. Fortunately, the Chile Rose isn't that poisonous. The amount of poison it has equals that of a wasp.

If handled correctly, the chances of being bit is slim. However, stress the spider and it may bite you. Wanna know what it eats?
Well, that list can grow quite the bit.. Insects in general. Most typical to give them; cockroaches, crickets, grasshoppers and mealworms.

Tomorrow I'll start handling Ariados for the first time, as this was a stressful day. Tomorrow I guess it's settled down, and I have a bigger shot at getting it used to being handled. As I said earlier, it won't be tamed. 


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