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DezCloud, a new beginning

Remember my last post, regarding DezCloud? Well, I decided to make something bigger out of it.

As you're aware, DezCloud is currently as simple as it can possibly get. However I plan to make it far bigger than just this.

The idea now is to make a screen-capture software (open-source and distributed for free) in Java (cross OS compatibility), a cloud-application, file sharing site and of course the most important thing.. A cloud-image view script (like DezCloud currently is) which is far easier to install, use and edit.

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About DezCloud Screen-cap

As I mentioned above, it's going to be written in Java. Yes, I'm aware that Java may be insecure and memory leaking, but it's easier for me to make it cross-OS (Operative system) compatible this way.

The plans for V1 is as following:

  • Screenshot (obvious)
  • Screen region captures
  • Shortcuts
  • FTP setup

About Cloud application

There's nothing much more to say other than what was said about the screen-cap. It'll be based upon the same codes, although with a few changes (seeing as it'll upload certain files/folders to our servers).


  • File/Folder synchronization
  • Automatically upload synchronized files to our servers

And that's about it.

In addition to these

The plan is also to make a file-upload site. Alltogether you'll get a set amount of space you can use freely. However, you can not upload >ANY< files without being registered. More information on this will arrive as the plans start to take form.

Then we're finally there.. The Cloud-image view script!

Of course this will be an important part of the services DezCloud will provide. The plan now is to make it easier to install, use and edit to your liking. It will also be more properly secured, and an administration panel will follow. Mostly so that you can decide whether you want to upload images on-site or through a screen-cap software. 

Note that DC Screencap will work the best with DC Image view.

Nothing more to say, really. If you want to ask questions do so on Facebook or Twitter.

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