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Finished 14yrs of school!

I'm finally done. A few years in work, and ideas to build my company and my authorship. Wanna know my ideas? Keep reading!

As I said, I wanna share my plans. As some may know, I'm working on my new homepage systems and two projects for my company. My intentions is to get my company up running, supporting itself. Thus obviously the company projects are the main priority. Although, I'm also writing a book. The book's not nearly finished, and most authors use years completing their works. The idea is to make a prequel-novel for it, which will be located on my homepage (here) once the new systems are in place.

I will not post information on the projects, to protect company ideals internal. Although, I'm also intending to make Green Monster Gaming grow. Simply by gaming, and posting more and more videos on our channels.

Hopefully, the novel will be somewhat popular, and it'll only show what builds up to the main storyline in the complete book. Hopefully I'll be able to write more than one book, but I'm gonna see how far I get with this first one. If I can manage to get enough creativity, I'll ensure an ending that results in interest for the second book.

Although, for now, that's all uncertain. I can tell you now that it's a sci-fi apocalyptic book. The idea came to me months ago in a dream, and has hurled around my head at occations. I ended up starting to write it, but I ended up re-writing it.

Until I get a job that makes money, I'm gonna focus on these things.

Then in a few years after my girlfriend's finished her apprenticeship we're moving to England to study. Well, atleast I will study. I intend to go deeper into programming by getting an IB (International Bachelor) in Software Engineering. I'd love taking it in Norway, but unfortunately every educational line regarding computertech or software development is literal shit. Thus why I'm gonna study abroad.

For now, that's all I've got to tell you. Have a happy summer holiday everyone and good luck everyone! :)

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