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Homepage, moved out, got internet

So, it took approximately 6 months to get internet, but at last. It's here! Not to mention, as you can probably see, I've re-done my homepage. The design's been lying there for 2 years, and I finally got around to writing the new systems.

I've finally finished the new homepage. Absolutely EVERYTHING is new! No codes from V2, new design, heck, even a new logo!

Not to mention the features and more open comment system. I intend to let people comment on blog posts, or even post reviews of my novels as they come. As of now, I'm well under way on a free novel, and a real book. Either will be available through the "Novels" tab.

That's not all I've started. My company is slowly getting somewhere, as there's one project running, and one client whose webpage is soon completed. There is a lot of ideas I have, but one at a time. Although both my homepage, iSpec's project, and the clients webpage has taken longer than expected, that can be blamed on the lack of internet we've experienced. Unfortunately internet hasn't been available in our appartment till now. Fortunately, we now do have internet!

Now, I will have to get back to my Youtube account.. Been a while now. Anyway, have a nice day everyone!

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