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New homepage!

Hi folks! It has been quite a while since I last posted here. Actually, more than a year since then. So, the main reason for this would be that an update messed up my systems, and I did not have the time to fix it. Now, however, my site has gotten a complete overhaul!

As you might notice, there is a new design in the picture. Not only that! Commentation has been re-introduced! Facebook Comments this time around as well, but that will work out nicely. My information page AND contact page is much more informative, and eventually a "work" page will appear as well. There, you will find all my great works... Once I make some.

In the time since my last post, I have started writing a few books. Only information you will get is that there is 4, 3 sci-fi and 1 life-related one. 

Figured I should probably mention that my YouTube account will remain somewhat inactive, even though some videos will pop up every now and then. I am focusing solely on my studies, and my Twitch account instead (*subtle* GO FOLLOW MY TWITCH HTTP://TWITCH.TV/DZETKI!!! *subtle*). 

Well, It is late now, so I will be heading to bed. Have a great time everyone!

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