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YT and Stream Updates

As you are probably aware, I have not been able to stream in quite some time. So, I feel it is time to provide you guys with an update into what is going on, and what I have attempted to do to fix it. Not to mention the final options I have. I will also go a little into my YouTube account, and what happened there. Keep on reading!

I moved out, entirely on my own this time. No one but me in the flat. Internet is included in my rent, but unfortunately it was way too weak and unstable for streams, with an upload of maximum 1/mbps. As some of you know, Twitch requires 5/mbps as a minimum. 

As a result, my streams has been put on hold until I have found a viable internet provider or option.

The provider I originally wanted to go with, have not built their lines to my area, so I cannot get internet from them. Turns out, very few providers have. Most use DSL in my area. Had someone come look at the options, and to get the internet I require, I may have to pay 12K NOK ($1565 USD) to get it built out on my own.

There is, however, one provider left I can check, which I currently am awaiting an answer from.
I did some research into how to stabilize or get better upload on DSL, and turns out a software update on my router might do the trick. Problem was, router was so old, it had no more updates. New router is on its way, so we will have to see how that turns out.

Onwards to my YouTube channel. As you are aware, it has been quite some time since I last uploaded a video. The reason(s) why I left my channel behind, and what it might become in the future will be mentioned below.

Youtube.. You both hate it, and love it. No way around that. They have their perks, but also tons of cons. I left YouTube mainly as it started to feel forced. The main point of anything I have done online, is to try and build a healthy community. When you feel forced, views dwindle, because it tends to show in your videos. This is what happened to me. As a result, I ended up feeling that YouTube could not help me achieve my goals of making said community. 
When I started my channel, or at least were active, it was therapy for me. After a while, of trying to fiddle the algorithms, get by without clickbaiting, and having few viewers and subs, I felt I needed to try harder. I have never been interested in clickbaiting, but that does not work. Clickbaiting is extremely important on YouTube these days. 

I kept my thumbnails basic, but interesting. Content I felt was good. Advertised my vids a lot on Twitter. To no avail. I had to go against my own principles if I wanted to make it there. This is when I decided to quit YouTube for the most part. So, there you have it. I left YouTube because it got boring, and felt too forced to me.

Of course, my understanding of YT may be wrong, so I encourage you to let me know what is wrong, in a constructive manner so that I may get a better understanding of it all in the future. Have a lovely day everyone!

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