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About Me

Hi, I am Sindre Gamlemshaug

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Age: 25

I am a freelance web-developer, streamer, student and author. I am currently writing about 4 books, 3 science-fictions, and 1 related to happenings in my life the past couple of years. I study for an English Bachelor. My streaming schedule can be found below, and no. I do not take "web-dev" jobs. I do what I feel like doing, which might very well be my own projects, or if you intrigue me enough, yours! Do feel free to contact me, but I cannot guarantee I will take your offer. 

Have a very nice day folks!

My Streaming Schedule

** NB: There may be more, or less streams a certain week. Keep track on my Twitter! **

  • Mondays: 8PM GMT+1
  • Wednesdays: 8PM GMT+1
  • Fridays: 8PM GMT+1